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Best Mortgage Brokers in Boucherville, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Boucherville, Quebec

Marie-Josée Laurin

Image of a mortgage broker in the area

"MY OBJECTIVE: To find you the best mortgage solution according to your needs MY EXPERIENCE: I have more than 15 years of practice in the field of financing and banking negotiation MY STRENGTHS: I am professional, efficient, transparent and ensures a hassle-free transaction. Looking forward to accompanying you!"

"Hello, I would like to tell you about my experience with Marie-Josée, her honesty and professionalism really deserve 5 stars, my renewal went very well. I did business with several brokers, so I can compare. My next renewal will definitely be with Marie-Josée, thank you again"

"Marie Josee has a very great experience in the field of mortgages but above all very very patient understandable very friendly very polite you have asked for all the information you want to know she will answer you positively you can trust Marie Josee 100/100 percent!!"

"Marie-Josée is very professional and competent. She listens to our needs and seeks solutions to meet our financing expectations. There are no more people like her. Thank you for everything Marie-Josée."

Marjorie Banville

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"My varied knowledge and skills, including in finance, help me fully understand the needs of clients and serve them in their best interests."

"Marjorie provided us with excellent service for our mortgage renewal. She contacted us to follow up every step of the way and listened to our needs. Thank you Marjorie for your efficiency and professionalism."

"Excellent service and very good advice. Marjorie listens to her client, she knows how to take her time to explain the best solutions and also provides exceptional follow-up. I recommended it."

"Great personalized service! Majorie takes care of us with unparalleled efficiency. She is involved and supports us every step of the way. She is professional and competent. He is a very caring person and truly looks out for the best interests of his clients. We feel safe and well equipped. I 100% recommend his services."

Olivier Tremblay

Image of a mortgage broker in the area

"Whether it's refinancing or buying a property, Planiprêt will negotiate and help you understand your mortgage."

"One of the rare mortgage brokers that really works for the interest of his client. Olivier takes the time and effort to make the file work. He comes up with several solutions and never gives up on a hard file. Very knowledgeable, professional and caring. I definitely recommend him."

"Olivier helped us throughout the very complex process of a new construction with financial institutions. Extremely competent, reliable, and always proactive in finding solutions and always working in the interest of the client."

"Olivier is very professional, understands the needs of his clients and accompanies them from the beginning to the end of the process. He always tries to find the best option. I recommend it 100%!"

Pascal Cusson

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Whether it's for a renewal, a refinance or a new purchase, I shop around for your mortgage to get the best rate and the best conditions. As an independent financial advisor and personal insurance broker, it is essential for me to continue to offer my clients the best on the market."

"We did business with Mr. Cusson for our mortgage transaction. We received a very professional service, Mr. Cusson was always available to answer all our questions and handled our requests. We strongly recommend the services of Mr. Pascal Cusson."

"Pascal was very dedicated in obtaining my mortgage loan. He was able to answer all my questions and was always available. Looking forward to doing business with you next time."

"It is my pleasure today to recommend Mr. Cusson for all your personal insurance needs or for your investments. He did some research to find investments that suited us. You will never feel like you are being forced to choose something you don't like. Mr. Cusson also took the time to explain to us how to properly understand our investments and how to optimize them."

Benoit Ruel

Image of a mortgage broker in the area

Whether it's a first time buyer, a real estate investor, a self-employed worker, a newcomer, a financial situation with a difficult credit history, there is always a solution with Benoit!

"Courtier successfully completed our project! He was able to advise us very well and this, in our best interest! We are very confident with Benoît who has a lot of knowledge!"

"Excellent and flawless service. I highly recommend. His advice is valuable, his experience in accounting and in banking institutions make him an outstanding broker. Make your dreams come true with Benoit as fairy godmother!"

"Benoit Ruel is passionate about his work, he was able to advise us wisely, bringing us different scenarios for our projects, he enlightened us on subjects that were little known to us in the field of real estate, he took the time to explain clearly and concisely!"

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