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Best Mortgage Brokers in Laval, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Laval, Quebec

Antoine Feghali

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"My experience allows me to find you the best solution adapted to your needs and make you benefit from the best mortgage products, rates and conditions, even with your current financial institution."

"It's been a great experience working Team Feghali. They are always on target with their strategies. A light of guidance. I highly recommend this team."

"I appreciate all what have been done and achieved ; the positive support obtained to overcome obstacles and definitively the excellent services resulting the happy ending and the rejoice over success."

"we had a great experience dealing with Antoine and his team! excellent service and best rates! he is very friendly and patient, he explained everything clearly and gave us valuable advice. he is always available. we are so happy to deal with him. i definitely recommend his service to family and friends!"

Félix Bilodeau-Bergeron

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"Whether it's refinancing or buying a property, I will negotiate and help you understand your mortgage."

"Thank you very much Félix for guiding me in my first real estate investment in Laval. I am very satisfied with the rate you got me as well as the extension to allow me to fully understand the difference between the different mortgage products. I recommend to anyone looking for quality personalized service!"

"Thank you Felix for giving me wonderful advice and impeccable services for the financing of my condo in Laval. I highly recommend!"

"One of the best service I've had in a long time! He knows very well what he does and finds the best quotes you can get in town."

Odree Barriault

Image of a mortgage broker in the area

"We're here for Canadians like you looking to fall in love with their first home, move up to their dream home or vacation property, or renew a mortgage using equity in a home for everything from renovation to debt consolidation."

"This is the second time Odree has helped with a property mortgage and she constantly goes above and beyond for her clients. She knows her field inside and out - a true superstar! My partner and I have 100% trust in her. We’ll definitely be working with her in the future and recommend her services to our family & friends. Merci Odree!"

"We were extremely luck to had Odrée taking care of our mortgage. She is someone that will be always there for you. Extremely professional, friendly and resourceful."

"Thank you Odree, your passion and dedication make every step of buying a home or renewing a mortgage so easy and enjoyable. Once again it was a real pleasure to be guided by your precious advice. True to yourself, with remarkable professionalism and efficiency."

Lucie Desfossés

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"Contact me if you are looking for someone who wants to make sure you have the right loan with the right conditions."

"Mrs Desfossés treated my file file very professionally with a detailed explanation of all the details and negotiating in my favor the best rates available ."

"Personalized and courteous service. Lucie was able to answer all our questions and concerns. I didn't have much faith in mortgage brokers, but I changed my mind. We got a great rate and great tips!"

"What sets Lucie apart from the others is that she is very knowledgeable, proactive and available. She is passionate about finance and she is always there to help and maximize the interests of her clients. She had been recommended to us by some colleagues who knew her and we have recommended her several times without hesitation!"

Serujan Kaneshalingam

Image of a mortgage broker in the area

Serujan is a mortgage broker that offers you bank financing solutions and private financing offers tailored to your needs.

"Serujan was referred to us by a friend who had an excellent experience and I could not be happier. Serujan worked quickly on my file as time was sensitive, he was always very professional, polite and beyond helpful in all aspects of our project. From dealing with a private lender, to refinancing, he delivered an incredible service."

"Amazing service! Goes the extra mile to make sure his client is satisfied and gets the best rate possible! Continuously keeps in touch to keep you posted on your file! Very friendly and amazing service"

"Serujan did an excellent job working on our file for our approval of a mortgage. He was polite, always available for questions, and worked efficiently and diligently. I cannot express how happy we are with his understanding and patience through the whole process. I would definitely recommend him to anybody needing a mortgage broker."

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