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Best Mortgage Brokers in Steinbach, MB

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Steinbach, Manitoba

Chris Winkler

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Chris genuinely appreciates the idea of focusing on the right product for an individual client, as opposed to a unilateral approach only focused on rate. Mortgages can be complicated and multifaceted, which is why Chris is here to take your appointments and help you navigate this wide expanse of the mortgage world

"Chris and the team helped us with our first mortgage. We had a pretty tight timeline, and they've taken on that challenge and made it happen for us. They were effortless to deal with and had answered all questions we, first-time homebuyers, had."

"We had a great experience working with Chris Winkler as he helped us buy our home. Chris effortlessly navigated us through all things mortgage and helped us make our move to a new community easy. We would recommend Chris and Castle Mortgage Group to anyone."

"Chris and the team at Castle Mortgage Group were fantastic to deal with and took the time to explain all the nuances of our mortgage options. If you're in the market for financing a new/existing mortgage, I highly recommend the Castle team!"

Ro Giesbrecht

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If the detail-oriented work of structuring a mortgage application and negotiating with a lender may not sound thrilling to handle yourself, you can gladly pass that torch to Ro!

"Ro and her team are amazing! They were really great to deal with, and had excellemt customer service. Thanks to them we were able to buy our dream home."

"My husband and I have worked with the team at Castle for two mortgages now and can’t speak highly enough of the advice and service they provided. Ro was a fantastic help in our renewal process. Very thankful for their expertise!"

"Ro is fun af and a Houdini-level magician with the way she finessed our finances with our new mortgage. I still can’t believe our luck in finding her. Castle Mortgage, please consider building a statue in her honour. I could actually fund it with all the money she saved us."

Viktor Schaefer

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He has over 24 years experience in financing and understands how difficult it can be to make sense of all the information available today. As a mortgage and insurance specialist working for you, Viktor will find the mortgage and insurance that suits your individual needs.

"I have been with VS Solutions since 2017. They are really the expert in this field. But most importantly I highly commend the professional and personalized service that they provide. I thank Viktor, Jason and Nadine. I cannot put into words how much I appreciate your help."

"VS Solutions, Has been very helpful, very informative ! And really helped us resolve the problems we had with our bank when applying for a mortgage. They welcomed us and took on our situation and thanks to Jason and the team at VS Solutions in steinbach."

"Our application was a priority for VP Solutions, and we found excellent service, good communication, and exceptional quality to manage the application. We will appreciate all your help and collaboration, Thank you!"

Lisa Gryba

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"I am passionate about my job and pride myself on making a personal connection with every client along with providing fast and efficient customer service. My goal is to provide every client with a customized plan and help make their dreams become reality."

"Lisa and Jackie have been nothing but amazing to deal with. For a first time home buyer they both went above and beyond in going in to detail explaining and educating me about the ins and outs of mortgages. I have been so thankful for them in what could be a really stressful time."

"Lisa and her assistant Jackie have done an amazing job for me. Their professionalism is only exceeded by their hard work and not-give-up attitude which is second to none. You can't go wrong using this unbeatable team!!"

"We bought our first home using Lisa Gyrba at One Link. She was very quick to get us answers, explained everything clearly, and incredibly insightful and helpful in making the biggest purchase of our life! She helped us not only get a mortgage, but extra funds through our mortgage for small home upgrades."

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