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Best Mortgage Brokers in Halifax, NS

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Jack Cameron

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"Jack Cameron and his team at The Way Home, are true industry leaders in the mortgage sector in Atlantic Canada, and beyond. Jack is part of the Premiere Mortgage Centre Group, and goes the extra mile, each and every time to get the best rate, the best terms for his clients."

"Jack was professional from the get go. There was a time crunch involved and I was very pleased with how fast everything happened. Jack was both prompt & efficient. Highly recommend!"

"I would like to Thank Jack and his team for the amazing work they do to help clients become homeowners! Jack and his team where very responsive when it came to questions and very easy to deal with. I can not thank them enough for all the hard work the team did for us from mortgage approval to closing."

"The entire mortgage process was handled with utmost professionalism by Jack and his team. The pre-approval step was very fast and had absolute clarity on the best options as a buyer. Jack worked hard to get the best mortgage rate in very quick time."

Shawna Snair

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With her previous background as a Financial Advisor, Shawna can help make sure that your cash flow is secure and you don’t end up “house poor”. She can also show you a number of ways to pay your mortgage down quickly. She can help with purchases, refinances, and multi-unit properties and can provide you with a mortgage anywhere in Canada.

"We moved to Nova Scotia from another province and it was a less-than smooth transition as the licensing bureaus (nursing and education) took forever to get the transition completed. Shawna was patient and tried to keep us in the loop of what we needed to get our mortgage approved."

"Working with Shawna was great. She explained everything for as long as it took for us to be comfortable and then just took care of the details. If all happened fast and with no stress to us. We got a Great deal and were so happy with everything."

"Shawna is so helpful and responsive. She makes everything so easy to understand and much less overwhelming when we first started our home buying process."

Alex Lavender

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Alex Lavender is an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) and the author of “Mortgages For Millennials” and provides mortgage broker services in Halifax. He takes pride in helping Nova Scotians purchase their first homes, refinance their current homes, or obtain a loan when no other options are available.

"Alex was wonderful to deal with for our mortgage. He was responsive immediately and dealt with all our questions. It was a pleasure to deal with Alex and we had a quick close to our mortgage. I would highly recommend him for all your financial matters."

"I had a great experience getting my mortgage through Alex Lavender! Very professional, knowledgeable, snd people oriented. He was very informative, and efficient to make everything come together!"

"It was a real pleasure working with Alex. He was always available and fast to answer all of our questions. When others were saying we could not get a mortgage, he found a way to make it happen. I can honestly say we got our home because of him and I will be forever thankful."

Sarah Nixon-Miller

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"The process goes very quickly once you make an offer to buy a house. Being thoroughly prepared in advance will make your experience much smoother. For military members, house hunting trips are short. My research skills and lender relationships will help you get the right mortgage so you can spend more time finding your perfect home in the best neighbourhood."

"We had a wonderful experience working with Sarah and her team every step of the way! We are incredibly grateful for all of her guidance, knowledge, time and support. She made our dream of becoming homeowners possible!"

"Sarah was amazing from start to finish. She went above and beyond to help us refinance our home. We couldn't be happier with the service we received. We highly recommend her."

"Sarah helped me this past summer to purchase my first home. She was incredibly helpful and always available to answer questions! She was fast to meet deadlines and always acted in my best interest. I highly recommend getting her on your team if you’re looking to set up a mortgage!"

Earl Smith

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"Purchasing a home is an important decision and you should be confident about your investment. I will work with you personally to offer you valuable insight throughout the process, save you time and find the mortgage that best suits your situation."

"Earl is a great person to work with when you are looking for a mortgage. He is professional, knowledgeable and very patient. Takes the time necessary to answer all questions so that everything is understood. His priority and focus was on meeting our needs. Thanks Earl for all your help."

"Earl is amazing to work with. He works to ensure his clients receive the best possible outcome with an honest and humble approach. He is efficient, knowledgeable and works hard for his clients."

"I can not recommend Earl enough for your mortgage needs. He helped us navigate through all options to get the mortgage which helped us buy our dream home. Earl is very professional, knowledgeable, honest and ultra responsive. We feel very lucky to have had someone to work with who we can trust."

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