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Best Mortgage Brokers in Cochrane, AB

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need concerning the best mortgage brokers in Cochrane, Alberta

Richards Group

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The Richards Mortgage Group is a family-owned and operated mortgage team based out of Cochrane, Alberta. They are easily accessible, adaptable to your style and schedule, and utilize a number of decision support tools that help us craft a plan and show you the way.

"Chris and Joel are a formidable team. Armed with relevant knowledge they bring their clients up to speed on market variables and the ins and outs of both standard and sophisticated mortgages."

"I cannot express how grateful we were to work with Chris and Joel at Richards Mortgage Group. The level of professionalism I honestly do not believe you will find anywhere else."

"Richards Mortgage group is a highly effective and professional company that served me so well as a first time home buyer. Joel performed a thorough due dilligence to ensure that I got the best deal possible. Throughout the process I received educational material and information that empowered me to make informed choices."

Lorrie Rasmussen

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Mortgages have been part of her daily productivity for just shy of 2 decades, which has been an amazing dream come true to help families build a life at home. Where Lorrie loves to focus her time on is making people lives better, easier and more interesting. Growing with technology and remaining connected at a human level is a goal she continues to build on every day.

"Lorrie and her team were incredibly helpful and patient with all our questions! They always responded very quickly and kept in contact with any changes that were happening."

"We reached out to Lorrie Rasmussen because we liked the idea of working with a local team and I'm so happy we did. If you're uncertain about the process and want expertise that makes the process a hundred times easier, go with the team at Lorrie Rasmussen."

"I was referred to Lorrie and her team by a family friend. As a first time home buyer, I was very lost and overwhelmed by the entire process. I had no idea where to being from. I am very grateful to the fact that I laid my trust in Lorrie and her team."

Tania Dube

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Tania offers high level of professional services and competent advices. Her primary goal is to find the perfect mortgage for your particular financial situation. She always put the client first! Tania is very personable and very compassionate; she is a people person and loves helping her client attain their goals.

"Tania Dubé is THE BEST Mortgage Agent we ever worked with! Hardworking, professional and really wonderful personality. She even took the time during her vacations to make sure our file will be taking care in time."

"Tania was recommended to us by a family member and she did not disappoint with her services. She gives you all the knowledge that you need according to your specific situation by also being very approachable and professional."

"Tania is fantastic! I really appreciated the time she invested into finding a mortgage solution that met my unique requirements. She was very responsive and provided detailed explanations that helped me feel confident about my mortgage decision. Highly recommend!"

Stephanie Andrade

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"As your independent mortgage professional, I'm happy to provide you with mortgage options. I will assess your financial situation, listen to your goals, and suggest mortgage products that help get you there. It would be a pleasure to work with you."

"If there's one thing I have learned during the last 12 months is, extraordinary people do exist and they will lift you higher than you can ever imagine. One of those extraordinary people is Stephanie! Her incredible positive energy is contagious! Her tenacious nature is inspiring!"

"Working with Stephanie was a delight! She communicates clearly, works endless hours finding all potential options to meet your needs, and is always available to answer your questions! She’s a wonderful person and a wonderful Broker."

"Stephanie Andrade is a top notch mortgage broker!! Stephanie answered all our questions at any time of day and made herself available any day of the week!"

Melanie Babineau

Image of a mortgage broker in the area

Melanie’s passion for personal finance drove her decision to pursue a career as a mortgage associate. With previous careers in the aviation and paramedical fields Melanie understands the importance of clear communication, flexibility, education and tailoring services to the needs of her client’s.

"Melanie was absolutely fantastic. Very professional and friendly. Answers all of my questions even if some are too simple or silly to begin with and she answers all of them in the clearest, nicest way possible."

"Melanie was so helpful and went above and beyond to make our first home buying experience as smooth as possible. She really took the time to explain the whole process to us so as we moved along in the buying process we knew exactly what to expect."

"I can’t recommend Melanie highly enough. We are new to Canada and first time buyers. Melanie took her time to explain the process to us and guide us through the complete journey of mortgage hunting and home buying. She is friendly, professional and communicates at every step of the way."

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