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Best Mortgage Brokers in Burnaby, BC

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Burnaby, British Columbia

Aleem Peermohamed

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"We’ll advise you on the best ways to not only save but to repay your mortgage as quickly as possible and improve your equity, and show you ways how you can take advantage of this equity that you have built up, in order to increase your Wealth and Net Worth."

"Aleem has always been there to answer any of mine or my families mortgage related questions. He has lots of experience and knowledge and is able to explain things to us very clearly. With his vast knowledge and clear explanations it was much easier for us to make informed decisions."

"We found Aleem to be very helpful when searching for the best mortgage. He was professional and dependable. We got a mortgage that fit our needs and we are pleased with it. He kept in close contact with us and answered all of our questions. We would recommended him to our friends and family, and we already have recommended him during the process."

"Aleem and his team did a great job to help us move from our property into our new home. This is not the first time that we have used Aleem for obtaining a mortgage, and it will not be the last."

Nick Shlyakhov

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"Alltrust Mortgage Solutions was born out of the belief that there is always a solution. With a convenient online application and a transparent process, Alltrust makes it easy to secure a mortgage and reach your financial goals. "

"What impressed us the most was Nick’s ability to find a mortgage that was the perfect fit for our needs. He was able to secure an excellent rate and terms without any stress on our end."

"The recent rate increases by the Bank Of Canada made it very challenging for all of us to manage our mortgage. Nick Shlyakhov was able to quickly find us a more manageable mortgage rate in such a short period of time and his efficiency is beyond compare."

"Nick is so awesome making our experienced of buying our first property with Alltrust Mortgage so easy and smooth. He's always in constant communication and explaining the process so there's no surprises. He was able to secured us a rate that's better than anything in the market."

Alison Rudover

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"I am a mortgage professional committed to serving the Greater Vancouver and entire British Columbia region with a standard of excellence. Let me help you with all your mortgage financing needs. My service is my primary focus as I am here to negotiate for you and to ensure your satisfaction."

"Alison provided excellent client centered service which ultimately facilitated a mortgage at an excellent rate for me. Her thoroughness, professionalism and support are cornerstones of her strengths! I would highly recommend Alison's services to anyone seeking a mortgage."

"My son recently purchased his first property. The financing process was an overwhelming. I do not know how we would do it without Alison’s help and guidance. She was fantastic not only in finding us the mortgage rate we were happy with, but also in helping me manage my stress level. I would highly recommend her service!"

"The service and personal attention we received from Alison was exceptional.
By listening and considering our needs, Alison provided us with prompt and precise information about mortgage options. She is efficient, confident in her knowledge and very easy to communicate with."

Costin Ionascu

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"As part of the home financing process I can evaluate your total financial plan to maximize efficiency. I never recommend any product I wouldn't give to my grandma. No surprises. Where there is the fine print, I'm here to go over it with you. I'm available 7 days/week, and outside standard business hours as well. With access to over 60 banks and lenders, I can ensure you'll get the best rate and best fit product to fit your needs."

"Costin was a pleasure to work with from the very beginning. He is incredibly informative was able to solve every problem we had on the way. He took the time to educate and explain our situation into great detail. We did not have any issue communicating as he was just a text or a phone call away throughout our whole home buying journey."

"Costin is an excellent broker and it was a pleasure to work with him. From the initial consultation to the final contract signings, Costin was able to educate me, answer all of my questions (both in person and email/text/other), and most importantly, act on behalf of my best interests. I would recommend him for anyone looking to get a mortgage."

"Costin was great for our family when we were purchasing our home! Very responsive to all of our questions and informative. He was able to lead us through all the process no issues and solved all the hiccups that came along the way. If you are looking for a mortgage broker to trust, he is your guy!"

Tatiana Mikhailova

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"As a licensed mortgage broker I have access to a large number of top tier Canadian lenders.
If for whatever reason one lender doesn’t issue the approval, I always have a back up plan that can be implemented right away."

"Tatiana was a pleasure to deal with! Very professional on one hand but also genuinely interested in the person behind the customer. The information and mortgage details she provided were excellent and very detailed and she was very helpful every step of the way!"

"Tatiana is amazing! She was so helpful and professional. She made the whole process of getting a mortgage easy. She is very personable and cares about her clients. I highly recommend her, she is absolutely fantastic! She responds to inquiries and questions promptly and works very hard for her clients."

"We are very grateful we worked with Tatiana in securing financing for our home. Right from our first meeting, she didn't spare time to explain to us in great details all the technical concepts, processes and steps in home search and financing. "

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