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Best Mortgage Brokers in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec

Geneviève Bouthillette

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"My role is to accompany you in the most important transaction of your life. Whether it is for the purchase, the refinancing (renovation, debt consolidation, equity withdrawal), the renewal, I will take the time to answer your questions so that your decision is informed."

"Geneviève was present from the beginning to the end of our steps and listened to our needs. She is available and attentive, she knew how to reassure us since this is our first purchase and to answer our questions. Thank you very much!!"

"For efficient and fast service, I recommend Geneviève without any restraint! Having worked with her as a real estate broker, buyers using her services have been VERY satisfied!"

"Geneviève is an extremely dedicated advisor, spending time and energy to ensure that everything is to the client's satisfaction. In addition to benefiting from a very advantageous mortgage rate, we received valuable advice, even before shopping for our house, and useful references for all the other steps associated with the purchase of our house!"

Véronique Caron

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"The mortgage is much more than a rate! At Multi-Prêts Hypothèques St-Hyacinthe office, we support you in your mortgage process and work with several financial institutions to offer you the best interest rate and the best financing conditions."

"Excellent service! I recommend without hesitation!"

"The service was beyond my expectations. They helped me from start to finish and gave me valuable advice. Thanks to Bryan and Véronique for their excellent service and professionalism"

"Veronique offers excellent, personalized service."

Sophie Desmarais

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"Free and personalized services according to your needs and your financial situation. I work with 25 financial institutions to obtain the best mortgage products."

"Sophie gives very good service, we dealt with her last year and she is a person who takes care of her clients and it doesn't take much time. Thank you Sophie for your good service."

"Great service! Sophie answers all questions very quickly! It was my first property buying experience and she took the time to explain everything to me! I recommend without a doubt."

"5-star service, attentive to our needs, super efficient and available. I recommend her without a shadow of a doubt. Thank you Sophie Desmarais for your exceptional service. We are more than satisfied."

Anne-Marie St-Laurent

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"If you want personalized advice for your situation to ensure that you have the best mortgage product on the market, then I invite you to contact me. My services are free of charge and I have access to several lenders, several of which are exclusive to mortgage brokers."

"I strongly recommend his services! She is dedicated, does not calculate her time, moves heaven and earth, she will not let go as long as she has the best for her client."

"Anne-Marie St-Laurent offers unparalleled professionalism, great listening, empathy in a file that was very difficult to carry out because atypical. I've felt like I had someone as determined as I am all along our walks. I felt understood and put great confidence in her because I immediately understood the extent of her skills."

"She really took the time with us buying our first home. Always available to answer your questions and concerns. I recommend it without hesitation!"

Caroline Duthoy

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"Each lending institution has its rates and requirements... This is why calling on a mortgage broker is no longer an option, but a necessity. Give yourself the power to negotiate!"

"Patient and courteous, Ms. Duthoy showed a real desire to help us complete our new mortgage file. Everything was settled according to our expectations and with satisfaction. Thanks"

"Excellent service from Caroline Duthoy as well as Daniel Turenne. Very courteous service and always available to guide us and answer our questions."

"We are grateful to Caroline for her hard work; thanks to her, we got a first mortgage and bought our first house! And now, thanks to his intuition and his determination to negotiate a better interest rate, we will be able to pay off our house faster!"

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