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Best Mortgage Brokers in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec

Nicolas Ouimet

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"My mission is to guide you through the most IMPORTANT transaction of your LIFE and make this experience a positive and rewarding one. I look forward to putting my knowledge to work for YOU."

"Professionalism and prompt personal service are what come top of mind to describe our experience with Nicolas. We are extremely satisfied with the way he attended to our acquisition project. Keep up the good work and more power, Nicolas!"

"Nicolas helped us secure our mortgage for our first home, and took the time to explain how everything worked. He was always available for our questions and/or concerns, and very efficient for every step of the process. It was great working with him and we highly recommend his services."

"Excellent work by my mortgage broker Nicolas Ouimet! Always available for its customers! He is always ready to answer questions and reassure the client throughout the process. thanks again"

Gila Roy

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"Whether it's refinancing or buying a property, Planiprêt will negotiate and help you understand your mortgage."

"Gila helped me greatly in my loan application. She was able to advise me and reassure me at every step. She has a great knowledge of her field and knows how to find suitable solutions!"

"Gila was absolutely amazing! She was very helpful and found me the best mortgage to meet my needs!!"

"Gila gave us great service! Very friendly, attentive and an expert in her field."

Ariel Gervais

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"Benefit from the best mortgage rates and products negotiated with 20 financial institutions. Purchase / Renewal / Refinances / First-time buyers / Experienced investors / Rental / Commercial / Private loans / Alternative loans / New constructions / and more."

"We really couldn't have been able to deal with all the stress of finding a house and doing all the paperwork ourselves. Ariel made it a pleasure and made us feel confident and happy that we had the best on our case."

"Arielle provided excellent service to my spouse and I for the purchase of our first home. Professional, available, very proactive! She made it easy for us throughout the process. We highly recommend. Thanks again Ariel!"

"Very professional and above all very available, really attentive to our needs, in addition to managing to explain all the options available to us, which really gave us confidence. We totally recommend Ariel's services."

Isabelle Mendes

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"Mortgage broker at Planiprêt, my role is to advise you and equip you according to your needs by providing you with several combinations of mortgage solutions through some twenty lenders."

"Ms. Mendes was incredibly helpful with a complicated file. His reliability, his knowledge of the market, and his ingenuity impressed me. She even adapted to my atypical work schedule. I highly recommend."

"Isabelle was able to support me and advise me well, respecting my expectations and without any pressure. She knows the market and is always available throughout the process."

"I had the chance to be referred to Isabelle for a complex situation. She is super nice and very efficient. She was able to answer all my questions. She is very rigorous and her follow-ups are excellent. It is certain that for a future project, Isabelle will be my broker."

Martin Ross

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"Why knock on the door of different financial institutions in the hope of obtaining the best rate when a Multi-Prêts broker takes care of all the tedious procedures for you free of charge?"

"Martin is the most professional, attentive, resourceful person , who help us through with every step of the process of obtaining a mortgage. It was amazing experience to work with him! Highly recommend his services!"

"Working with Martin Ross was great, being a new resident of Montreal and having difficulty dealing with topics like this in French , Martin made this process super easy for my girlfriend and myself in both languages English and French. Martin keeps his word and is available every time you have a question or concern."

"What a great experience with Martin! He was able to accompany us from A to Z by guiding us in our decisions as a close friend would have done. We are blessed to have been able to live this great experience for our first property."

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