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Best Mortgage Brokers in Longueuil, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Longueuil, Quebec

Samuel Meloche

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"No matter where you are in your transaction process, I can guide you. Whether you are in the process of obtaining a prequalification, looking for a property, ready to purchase, with a renovation project or for a renewal or refinancing, I obtain for you the best conditions on the market."

"Samuel and his team went above and beyond. They were professional, responsive, efficient, and helpful at every step of the process. Would recommend!"

"I received excellent service from Samuel. He was professional and attentive to my needs/fears. His knowledge and exceptional customer service made me highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you again for your support in this big project! :)"

"Samuel is an extremely passionate broker and provides exceptional service. He is extremely meticulous and does absolutely everything in his power to satisfy his customers! A big thank you for your services Samuel, I recommend this broker 100% to find the best financing for your future property!"

Claudia Pearson

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"Take advantage of our expertise, our knowledge and strength of negotiation as the leading mortgage broker in Quebec."

"Exemplary service and professionalism. Claudia was 100% invested in my file by offering me personalized service. She followed up throughout the process and even after the transaction. She was able to advise me by giving me clear and precise recommendations so that I could make informed choices."

"I want to highlight the excellent service obtained from Claudia.
His professionalism and rigor in providing quality service impressed us, in addition to having negotiated very good conditions with the mortgage provider. We recommend her with confidence."

"Well done Claudia! You managed to finalize this file with a master's hand. Your patience made for the happy ending we were expecting in this sale assignment file following the separation. Your services are greatly appreciated and we have no hesitation in recommending you to our loved ones"

Sébastien Brisebois

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"We spend more time shopping for a TV than our mortgage! You can meet a broker who will accompany you throughout the process and who will advise you among the many lenders at his disposal. Plus, it's free!"

"Sébastien is a very good broker. He listens and is available for these clients. He uses simple terms to explain business and puts the customer first. We are very satisfied with his support and I highly recommend him to anyone."

"Very satisfied with the service. Sébastien was present throughout the process of buying our property. I highly recommend!"

"Very good service by Mr Brisebois, quick answers to questions, even at late hours, and very clear explanations. I recommend his services!"

Nadia Waked

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"Whatever your mortgage financing needs, I'm the right person for you. Understanding and very attentive to my clients, I will be able to advise you and guide you on the right path to carry out your project."

"Nadia is efficient in her work, available and very attentive to her clients. Very happy with the results Thank you for serving us."

"With exceptional skill, contagious commitment, and unparalleled rigour, Nadia has always been available to guide us down the path of possibilities. From experience to experience she has been innovative to enable us to achieve our wildest dreams! Thanks again for your beautiful energy and great efforts!"

"Five stars, nothing less! Year after year Nadia is always there to help, support and advise my clients who keep telling me how much they’ve loved her professionalism and expertise. Thank you Nadia for being there!"

Karim Kadri

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"My name is Karim Kadri and as a mortgage broker, my role is to offer you personalized service, in order to ensure that you have the ideal mortgage product adapted to your needs, while optimizing your time and your money."

"Karim is a very nice person. He communicates very well. He remained around me when I need him. He is very professional and friendly. He gave me a very good deal. I absolutely recommend him 100%."

"Karim is a very kind and honest man, and we felt that from the very beginning. He is always around to answer your calls, which is reassuring and well appreciated. You can have confidence Karim will get the job done 100%."

"Karim has truly been a blessing throughout my partner and I's first property purchase. He was always helpful and available to answer our various questions. I found him to be very friendly, yet professional, which made the process quite pleasant. I absolutely recommend him to anyone who needs a mortgage broker. Thanks again Karim!"

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