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Best Mortgage Brokers in Powell River, BC

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Powell River, British Columbia

Jeremy Garth

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Jeremy works with clients by walking them through every step of the process, and continues to work with clients even after their mortgage has funded, ensuring they are being provided with quality service and the tools they need to achieve their long term mortgage goals.

"Jeremy was incredibly helpful refinancing our mortgage. He not only took the time and effort to lay out all of our options, but was responsive, sincere, and at the end of the day got us a rate and relationship we were very happy with. "

"I've worked with Jeremy on two mortgages now, just finalizing the second one, he is always available for a quick phone call, text or meeting and provides valuable answers to questions. He works hard to get the job done."

"My boyfriend and I purchased our first home as a young couple, and we had a lot of challenge during the process. We are so glad we had Jeremy as our mortgage broker. He walked through us to understand full mortgage process and details, took time to calculate all different senerios, and got us the best rate and option!"

Cait Holmes

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Cait has a disciplined mortgage process where she first gets to know you and understand your goals and objectives. Only after a needs assessment does she clearly outline your mortgage options so you can make an informed decision.

"Cait is an absolute professional. She was so easy to work with; an excellent communicator, efficient, and kind. As first time homebuyers, we were nervous about the process of securing a mortgage and we had a lot of questions. Cait readily shared her knowledge and expertise, which put us at ease."

"Cait has been noting but stellar. She held our hand all the way and found us a backer with a reasonable down payment and mortgage rate for our first purchase (when other major institution were unreasonable). In my opinion, you will not find better. Highly recommended."

"Can’t say enough good things about our experience working with Cait. She makes the intimidating process of mortgage approval a piece of cake, answering any questions with her knowledge and expertise. Would 10/10 absolutely recommend Cait for any of your mortgage needs."

Monica Peckford

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If you're looking for a Mortgage Broker and Realtor in the Powell River and Sunshine Coast then look no further -- Monica Peckford has worked in the Real Estate industry since 1995 as a successful Realtor and has been a Mortgage Consultant since 2001.

"Thanks Monica, ... I am ecstatic as this beautiful home is everything I have ever dreamed of having. Thank you again for your excellent service and very professional help. It was a real joy working with you."

"Monica Peckford helped me a lot as I was trying to find a way to pay off my mortgage early. She found the best rates and the best conditions allowing me to do lump sum payments without penalty. Very easy to work with, I don't know if I would have managed without her. Thank you Monica."

"We were extremely happy with our Powell River Mortgage Broker, Monica Peckford. She found us a fabulous mortgage that met our needs exactly. This was the first time we used a mortgage broker and we were sure glad we found Monica."

Kaity McCorkell

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Kaity combines her drive with a keen ability to connect with others, determination to overcome challenges, and a decisive and authentic leadership style. Kaity’s ambitions to be at the top of her industry attracted her to Oceanvale and looks forward to using all her faculties to create a 5-star experience for our client base.

"I found Kaity & I'm happy with what we ended up doing. She was straightforward, fast to respond and I trusted her advice. Lindsey was fast and on top of everything too. Thanks for the easiest mortgage renewal. I will definitely be back!"

"Kaity and the team at Oceanvale were all stars to work with. They were a big help working through the decisions and exploring all the different options we had. We really appreciated their help and professionalism"

"Hey there! Just wanted to give a shoutout to Kaity and Oceanvale for an amazing experience. They were super friendly and professional, making us feel right at home. We'll definitely be spreading the word about their excellent service in the future. Thanks again, Kaity and Oceanvale!"

Taylor Atkinson

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"I have been a first-time homeowner, joint venture partner, syndicator, and have done vendor take backs, all of which allow me to relate to every hurdle you may encounter in your own real estate journey. I am solution obsessed and believe every mortgage is fundable. My mission is to deliver you an extraordinary customer experience."

"Taylor has a deep knowledge of and a genuine interest in the work that he does and it shows! This made it easy to put our trust in him and take his advice without second-guessing. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Venture Mortgages."

"Taylor is amazing to work with! His passion and experience in real estate is such a great tool for me. We have connected multiple times to discuss strategies on scaling my portfolio. Highly recommend Taylor and his team!!"

"Taylor is a awesome resource for both new and experienced real estate investors. The combination of his local knowledge and own background as an investor are perfect for navigating the market and uncovering great opportunities."

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