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Best Mortgage Brokers in Terrebonne, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Terrebonne, Quebec

François Martel

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"Having acquired a solid experience in the mortgage field by working 8 years for the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and being in my 16th year as a mortgage broker , I have the firm conviction that I can help you. to make the right mortgage choice."

"Very good service, François is fast and very responsive to the customer's needs. We needed our file to be processed quickly and efficiency is a priority for me when negotiating a loan. I strongly recommend it again, François will give you fast and efficient service as you wish!"

"It was a member of my family who recommended Mr. Martel's services to me and I am very grateful to him. With Mr. Martel, my husband and I have benefited from sound advice, clear and precise explanations and very fast processing of our file. It was a real pleasure to deal with this always polite and helpful man."

"I personally appreciated the services rendered by François Martel. The processing and follow-up of my file is irreproachable. It is certainly a safe bet for those looking for professional service."

Marie Gendron

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"I accompany you throughout the process to obtain your financing, but also throughout the duration of your mortgage loan."

"Marie was exceptionally helpful. She accompanied us and was available for the 3-4 months of our project. I recommended her 100% and we will continue to do business with her for our future renewals!"

"I had excellent service from Marie. Always available, very fast and always clear and precise. I recommend her without any reservations! Thanks for your help!"

"I recommend the services of Marie Gendron. She answers all our questions and accompanies us throughout the process. This is my second experience with her and I am very satisfied."

Joey Emond

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"Whether it is for the purchase of a property, its refinancing, a share buyback or simply the renewal of your mortgage term, I will take care of your transaction to your complete satisfaction."

"Working with Joey on my latest financing to purchase real estate was a great service, he was able to provide great rate , speed and skills was 2 of great quality Joey and his team provided. I am a satisfied customer and would love to share my experience showing my appreciation, and looking forward for more business in the future."

"Joey and his work team did a great job, they provide superb service. They found me the best rate on the market, the loan was approved in record time. I recommend him 1000%. Thank you so much Joey for your relentless service!"

"Super service from Joey and his assistant France, for my 1st real estate purchase. Very clear in his explanations, quick in communication and listening to the customer. It had been recommended to me, and I will recommend it in the future without hesitation."

Lynda Smith

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"Take advantage of our expertise, our advice and our purchasing power because we are the leader in the mortgage industry in Quebec"

"We had one of the best service ever received for such a transaction, impeccable service, courteous despite several obstacles and calls for concern from us, but never let us down to finally obtain our loan once again, a huge thank you."

"Always a professional service with Ms. Smith, she takes the interests of her clients to heart as if it were her own. My third experience with her and I referred my son and his wife, they had the same professional service. THANKS !!"

"Thank you Mrs. Smith for giving me clear answers to all my questions. You have always responded promptly to all my messages and your availability is greatly appreciated. With Ms. Smith, you will be confident: experience, competence and efficiency!"


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"Whether it's refinancing or buying a property, Planiprêt will negotiate and help you understand your mortgage."

"Marie-Josée is an ultra professional person. I recommend it to you without hesitation. She is always eager to suggest the appropriate product according to our needs. completely satisfied. I was well served and she is available according to our needs."

"Really, I recommend Marie Josée for your mortgage!!! She provided us with fast, professional and efficient service. In addition she is so kind and endearing, she receives us as friends. What more can I say except that she is the cream of mortgage service. Thanks."

"This mortgage broker has several years of experience and this is clearly an asset. She is very competent and efficient. His advice is invaluable and saves us thousands of dollars. Thank you Marie-Josee!"

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