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Best Mortgage Brokers in Lévis, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Lévis, Quebec

Naomi Martineau

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"As a mortgage broker, I have the chance to combine my two passions, real estate and finance. Offering you the best service is therefore a pleasure for me. I am a dedicated person who listens to my clients."

"Naomie did a great job, very efficient, it was our first home and she accompanied us remarkably by guiding us so that we made the best choices and that everything went almost easily. She is very professional, it was fast and efficient and we are very satisfied!"

"Very satisfied with Naomi's work! Even after signing our mortgage, she continues to respond to our questions promptly. I highly recommend her."

"By far the most professional and efficient service available. Naomi does everything in her power to meet our needs, she is available and attentive. In the case of a project during which we had several modifications along the way, she remains attentive and works hard for us. Thank you for everything!!!"

Christian Cliche

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"Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, want to borrow against your home equity (your home equity) for investment or hobby purposes, or your current mortgage is just about to expire, you need to make an informed decision with an impartial advisor."

"I received excellent service. I was accompanied in each of the stages of my financing. Instructions were clear, prompt and professional. Mr. Cliche has always been available to answer my questions. I recommend the expertise of many years of experience of M Cliche."

"Second purchase with Christian and in both cases I received excellent service. Quick and clear answers to my questions. Broker who really works in our interest. I would give 6 stars if I could."

"Thank you Mr. Cliche for my mortgage financing. Very professional in approach."

Hugo Neveu

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"My functions are diverse but always aim for development and growth. I like to put my knowledge to good use and I rush headlong into projects that fascinate me and in which I believe."

"A fiery team who are dedicated to our satisfaction. Nothing else to add that we are extremely grateful and would have chosen Planiprêt again, it had to be done again. Thanks to the Hugo Neveu team."

"Great service. Clarity. Great availability for all questions and information at each stage. Excellent follow-up. Thank you!"

"A WOW from start to finish. Knowledge, integrity, transparency. Three words that sum up Hugo's approach well. Thanks again!"

Olivier Simard

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"Take advantage of our expertise, our advice and our purchasing power because we are the leader in the mortgage industry in Quebec."

"Very good service from Olivier, we had the best rate on the market and he answered our thousand questions since it was our first purchase! Thanks again!"

"Mr. Olivier Simard took the time to answer all our questions, listen to our needs, offer us adapted services and also put us in contact with other specialists in his network. He also ensures a rigorous follow-up with his clients. We are very satisfied with the service and the result obtained for our mortgage. Thanks!"

"As a first time buyer, I had a lot of questions. Olivier Simard took the time to effectively answer all my questions. Quality human service and quick follow-ups. Couldn't ask for better! Thank you!"

Jean Maranda

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A graduate of Laval University, I have been involved in mortgage financing in the province of Quebec since 2001. Winner of numerous recognition awards, trainer with other mortgage and real estate brokers, I offer to team up with you, for your mortgage financing.

"Jean Maranda verbalizes the complicated into simple, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Always available and ready to help us. For me, he is the best mortgage broker in Quebec, nothing less. Thanks to him, we were able to buy our first house. THANKS!"

"Jean is a mortgage broker who really listens to the projects and needs of his clients! It was a pleasure to do business with him, and I greatly appreciated his availability and the speed of the follow-ups for my financing project."

"I did business with him for my current house and for my cottage. The field of the mortgage loan is extremely complex, and very easy to not take the offer which would have been the best. With Jean, everything is simple and he explains the pros and cons of each institution. I advise you very strongly."

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