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Best Mortgage Brokers in Quebec City, Quebec

We've done the research so you don't have to! This page is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know about the best mortgage brokers in Quebec City, Quebec

Marie Pronovost

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Marie combines her passion for managing her clients' liabilities with her concern for offering strategic financing solutions in her practice. Her innovative spirit leads her to design mortgage calculation and management tools to facilitate understanding of the different mortgage products offered to her clients.

"Marie and Marjorie offered us great service for the purchase of our first home! They offered us a personalized service, very fast and efficient, with a great rate! Thanks a lot you two!"

"My boyfriend and I just bought our first home and we had excellent service from Équipe Hypothécaire Marie Pronovost. A fast, efficient service that listens to our needs. I definitely recommend this team! A huge thank you to you!"

"We were recommended Marie Pronovost and her team for our mortgage renewal and we had very good service. We were accompanied at every stage and we had a good price, as well as options in line with our requests. We recommend. Thanks to Marie and her team!"

Stéphane Bruyère

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"Now that you are ready to buy, renovate or invest, we can help you carry out your project with the help of our mortgage broker specialists, our clever solutions and our useful advice. Let's talk about your future today."

"I discovered Stéphane's services recently and I really needed them. Fast, efficient, accessible, he took the time for two appointments with me. The support is personalized, the explanations clear and the tools modern and efficient. A big thank you to Stéphane."

"Really very satisfied with Mr Bruyère and his team. Professional people, attentive, available and they offer the best prices. Thank you Stéphane Bruyère and Manon; his exceptional collaborator!"

"Wow, great service!! Our questions were all answered, super clear and super fast! If we don't understand something, they will be there for us to help us, anytime. In short, I highly recommend!"

Francis Mathieu-Johnson

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"Due to the high volume of mortgage loans generated (more than 44 billion), Multi-Prêts has access to the best rates on the market. At the same time, we have access to a wide range of rates offered and promoted by several banks and institutions. For you, we identify the best prices."

"Impeccable service from start to finish. Broker listening to its customers and with a real desire that they are satisfied. Thank you Francis for your valuable advice throughout our process. I recommend without hesitation"

"Superb personalized customer service! He listens to our needs and takes the time to clearly explain the different options available to us. He is available to answer all of our questions. I would recommend Francis Mathieu-Johnson to everyone!"

"Incredible service and immediate follow-up! Our case was not simple but Francis knew how to advise us like a pro so that we were able to find the perfect institution according to our needs. A big thank you!!"

Dominique Gonthier

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Dominique Gonthier, Principal Director, or a member of the Excellence Group will be happy to assist you in your project.

"Dominique has been beyond helpful! His dedication to his client is admirable. He has made the whole process of home purchasing a breeze for me and got me the best rate on the market. I am grateful to have contacted him! Thanks Dominique!"

"Dominique was great to deal with and always replied to our messages promptly. I felt we were in good hands in his care and trusted he would get us the best rate available."

"Excellent work from Dominique and his entire team! He is accessible, attentive to our needs and he knows how to offer us great solutions. He knows his field and I recommend him without hesitation!"

Jean-Mathieu Lavoie

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Jean-Mathieu Lavoie is the next generation of mortgage brokers in Quebec. Young and motivated, he will know how to put you at ease from the start of the process. He enjoys helping others and won't hesitate to work hard for his clients.

"Very happy I decided to go with him. He really took the time to explain things and he was always available to respond to any questions or concerns. Very patient and welcoming. A big thank you for all your hard work. Very much appreciated"

"I easily recommend the services of Jean-Mathieu! He has a great team.. I never asked for a follow-up during the process because they were always at the forefront."

"When I contacted Jean Mathieu lavoie for the first time I did not know what to expect I can say today that I met a listening person who was able to put me in confidence he and his entire team without exception were a great help with their professionalism I recommend without hesitation the best broker team."

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